CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure – Which Is Better for You?

Traditional liposuction just isn’t enough these days. Agreed, it can help you contour your body by getting rid of excess fat, but at what cost? Not only is it painful but it can end up being quite expensive too, and with new developments in medical technology, liposuction has outstayed its welcome.

What is interesting is that there are alternatives i.e. CoolSculpting and SculpSure, which are non-invasive procedures. This means you can rid yourself of body fat without putting in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it possible. If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting and SculpSure and wish to determine which one is better for you, then read on.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting involves freezing specific parts of your body to kill fat cells. Said fat cells are then naturally removed from the body, so you do not have to worry about going under a knife. However, only one body part at a time is targeted to ensure optimal sculpting results.

Treatments can take anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes without requiring anesthesia. What is even great is that this non-invasive procedure is in fact approved by the FDA.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure requires the use of lasers to heat up fat cells, thus melting them in the process. With SculpSure as many as four different body parts can be treated at the same time.

Basically, you can take care of multiple areas in one session, which will take half an hour of your time at best. This procedure too is non-invasive and is approved by the FDA.

Similarities and Differences

When it comes to the similarities between the two procedures, they are both designed to treat and eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat that is resistant to a healthy diet and exercise. It is best suited for individuals that are no more than 10-20 pounds from their ideal weight. The procedures result in 20-25% reduction in fat cells in treated areas, with low risk and minimal downtime.  For the best possible results, multiple treatments are recommended with either option.

As for the differences, they are as follows:

  • The FDA has approved CoolSculpting in New York for the inner and outer thighs, flanks, the abdomen, and submental fat. Whereas, SculpSure has only been approved for treatment of the abdomen and flanks.
  • As already mentioned earlier, CoolSculpting takes an hour or so, while SculpSure takes no more than 30 minutes.
  • CoolSculpting is best for individuals dealing with pinch-able fat. But it may not work well if you do not have enough pinch-able fat, in which case an individual should opt for SculpSure

CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure for Arms

If you are wondering what treatment is best for your arms, you won’t exactly have a hard time making an informed decision.

Both treatments are without a shadow of a doubt, great for treating arms. But the exact treatment you should opt for depends on whether your arms have a lot of fat cells or not. If there is pinch-able fat, then opt for CoolSculpting without thinking twice. But if your arms do not have enough fat for CoolSculpting, you have no choice but to stick to SculpSure.

Which one is Better, CoolSculpting or SculpSure?

CoolSculpting and SculpSure are more or less the same when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to determine which procedure will best suit your needs and requirements.

First, you need to consider your pain tolerance levels. Since SculpSure can reach high temperatures, it can make you uncomfortable. Even though it is completely safe, as it has a cool cycle to prevent burns, the temperature can reach up to 107°. It can be quite the pain to go through such a procedure, especially if you have sensitive skin. On the other hand, CoolSculpting is not uncomfortable, considering how the cooling effect will, in fact, make you numb.

Second, take into account how much fat you hope to eliminate. For individuals that wish to get rid of a lot of fat, CoolSculpting would be their best bet. The reasons being the treatment require pinch-able fat to work effectively in the first place. But for individuals that are in good shape, then SculpSure would be the best option.

Lastly, neither of these procedures is cheap. The average cost of non-invasive treatments like SculpSure and CoolSculpting was $1,500 two years ago and now has increased considerably. Remember, you will need more than one session in either case to get the results you want, so think twice about what route you are going to take.

Simply put, the option you take depends on how much fat you are dealing with and what body parts you want to get treated. It is even possible that in your case the two procedures could complement one another. If you are still not certain, then consult a certified professional to determine the best course of action for yourself.

Whatever procedure you plan to stick with, keep yourself calm and composed. Again, these procedures are non-invasive, so you do not have to worry about needles or knives.

Does CoolSculpting really work?

So, you are eating right, working out and taking good care of yourself. But those stubborn belly pouches aren’t moving!

Sometimes our bodies need an extra push to get rid of those last few pesky pounds. However, liposuction or tummy tucks can be quite extreme and seem unnecessary for the amount of fat you are fighting, as well as recovery and scarring involved. Most of us think that we are stuck with that stubborn fat forever. But there is a way to get rid of those tiny pooches of fat for good.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that freezes fat cells, forcing them to shrink and disappear forever. The CoolSculpting machine uses proprietary cooling technology to freeze your fat, causing them to grow smaller, and eventually die off for good. You are a left with a tighter, better sculpted, hotter body.

CoolSculpting targets one area of the body at a time, i.e., in one treatment session. Once the fat cells are frozen, a process called apoptosis takes place, wherein these dead fat cells are absorbed and then eliminated from your body.

Does CoolSculpting Really Work on Belly Fat?

Flatter tummies, more defined abs are what all fitness dreams are made of. But it is true that the belly is one of the first places to start accumulating fat on men and women. Once you have hit your weight loss plateau, it can be next to impossible to get rid of that tiny belly pooch. Diet and exercise can’t do anything at all.

CoolSculpting is an effective way to get rid of that stubborn fat, and it is completely non-invasive. At the same time, it is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not an alternative for surgical fat reduction procedure like liposuction. It is in fact, for people who are already quite close to their ideal weight but can’t seem to drop the last few pounds off.

The CoolSculpting treatment for abdomen shows some fantastic, long-lasting results in 2 to 3 months, slimming down the more difficult areas and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Does CoolSculpting Cost A Fortune?

CoolSculpting procedures can set you back anywhere between $750 to $2000, per treatment session. It really depends on how long each session is, how much fat is being targeted and how many sessions are per treatment.

Since the CoolSculpting procedure guarantees result with zero downtime, the investment is more than worth it.

If you are worried about the expenses, make sure to work with a provider to reduce the CoolSculpting costs. Some offer discounts for first-time clients; others have in place CoolSculpting financing plans that can let you spread the cost over several interest-free payments to make it more affordable. Either way, there is no reason for you keep yourself from getting the body of your dreams.

Does CoolSculpting Work on Arms?

Going sleeveless is a great feeling, but getting rid of that stubborn lower arm fat can take ages. Thankfully, CoolSculpting works very well on arms, eliminated that ‘under arm jiggle’ for good.

Make sure you work with an experienced CoolSculpting professional who uses the specialized treatment applicator that is designed to work on the upper arms area. It attacks the loose arm fat, and regular sessions help reduce arm fat and flabbiness as well. This leads to tighter, sexier upper arms.

How Long Does CoolSculpting Last?

Comprehensive studies show that CoolSculpting does reduce fat by a quite a lot. Scientists used a variety of tests, including MRI scans, before and after the procedure to see the results. And it’s safe to say that CoolSculpting leads to consistent, visible fat loss.

It is essential to understand, however, that the results aren’t instantly evident. The fat cell destruction process begins immediately after a CoolSculpting session, but it takes 3 to 6 months after the treatment is over for you to see significant changes in your physique. You will begin to see signs that good things are at hand, at the 3-week mark, but more visible and credible results will take time.

However, rest assured that once you have completed a CoolSculpting treatment, the targeting fat cells are gone for good. But it is essential that you keep up a healthy lifestyle to keep new fat cells from popping up and developing in the same area. Also, if you gain weight in the future, you may end up getting fat in the treated area as well. So, health and diet are critical.

Is CoolSculpting Safe?

When compared to other non-invasive treatments for fat reduction, CoolSculpting beats them all by a considerable margin. The procedure has cornered 90% of the market share since 2015. Its success can be contributed to the fact that it is safe & comfortable… and delivers guaranteed results.

Other treatments can be painful or completely useless or both! But that’s not CoolSculpting, it involves no risk whatsoever, doesn’t damage the skin, nerves or tissues, and you can drive home safely after each treatment.

The Truth About ‘Fat Freezing’ – CoolSculpting Pros and Cons

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction method that helps you achieve a toned and curved body. You can get rid of fat from areas such as waist, belly, thighs, and buttocks. An applicator is placed at the desired area which sucks the skin like a vacuum while cooling the skin simultaneously. The duration of the treatment depends on the amount of fat and the size of the treated area. CoolSculpting is a painless process. Patients can sit back and relax during the entire session.

CoolSculpting is a body-forming treatment that is actually effective. It is the only fat reduction method other than liposuction that is accepted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA).  FDA also approved another technique, similar to CoolSculpting, which disrupts the activity of fat membranes, triggering fat cells to leak and wither off.

Present day pharmaceutical has enhanced incredibly to help individuals who need to upgrade their bodies with a sleeker look. CoolSculpting utilizes chilly temperatures to eliminate fat. Performed at most dermatology workplaces, this procedure has a straightforward idea for non-obtrusive weight control. There are points of interest and burdens to this method, making it essential to assess all weight reduction choices.

Here are some pros and cons of cool sculpting that we have collected for you to get a better understanding of the entire process.

Pros of Cool Sculpting

No Surgery required

The old technique of liposuction depends on incisions to cut into the fat cells, making them highly intrusive. However, the CoolSculpting procedure only used paddles as compared to the old-fashioned procedure.

At a certified cosmetic surgery clinic, the doctor purposely presses the paddles against certain parts of the body to freeze the fat cells. The cold temperature exerted from the paddles penetrate the fat cells and later kills them. There are no scars, no pain or cuts as the fat concedes to the cool temperature.

CoolSculpting is a Natural Procedure

Once the fat cell freeze, they can no longer work. The body considers these cells as waste, smoothly moving them through internal channels and eventually removing them permanently from the body.

The CoolSculpting process uses the body’s natural framework instead of extracting the fat from your body leaving scars. Since it’s a completely natural process, there is no recovery time needed and there are zero side effects too. Patients can return to their daily physical activities soon after the procedure is done.

Cons of CoolSculpting

Fast Weight Loss is Not Possible

Patients need to understand, that when the procedure ends, the fat won’t disappear immediately. The patients might look the exact same after days, weeks and even months of the procedure. This fact may be hard for some people to adjust. But if you’re patient enough, you will eventually observe significant changes in your body. Once your body begins the elimination process, a sleek and slim image will appear. You will experience weight loss once your body gets rid of the fat cells.

However, you also need to maintain a healthy diet along with some exercises to see impressive results. Where there is no pain, there is no gain.

Annoying Fat Deposit Reduction

One real disadvantage of CoolSculpting is that morbidly obese patients can’t benefit from this technology. It is only beneficial for clients with certain problem areas where stubborn fat has accumulated. Obese patients seeking to reduce weight rapidly should consider other options. Even If obese patients do utilize the sculpting procedure, they won’t see any visible changes in their body.

Dermatology is a wide field that is making significant changes in people’s lives through the latest findings, techniques, and procedures. Whether it’s hair, skin, nail or even weight loss. Any patient planning to opt for CoolSculpting, but is hesitant, should definitely do a little research, talk to their practitioner and gain their trust before going for the procedure. They will observe visible changes in their body in only a few weeks.

Other Cons of CoolSculpting Treatments

While CoolSculpting can be beneficial for those seeking to look and feel beautiful without undergoing a surgery, there are certain factors to consider before choosing the procedure.

This treatment, however, might not be successful on people who are extremely overweight. It will be effective for people who are slightly chubby and want to get rid of unwanted fat without making any lifestyle changes.

Does CoolSculpting have any side effects?

Since fat freezing is a medical procedure, there might be slight side effects that you need to be aware off before you go for the procedure. Some common symptoms include:

  • Irritation
  • Rashes
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation

We understand these symptoms are irritating but they do not hinder your day-to-day activities and will only last a day or two.

CoolSculpting does not have any prolonged side effects as it does not penetrate through your muscles or skin. It simply freezes the fat cells and results in their elimination from the body after the procedure.


Does CoolSculpting Work on Cellulite?

Want to know more about CoolSculpting? You’re not the only one! It’s time to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good. Yes, this is the moment to get your desired body – the body that you’ve been longing for. If you’re wondering where to start? Here’s the answer.

In case you’re new to the term CoolSculpting and how it is done, or you are fascinated to know how successful it turns out to be, continue reading this blog. But let’s answer the burning question – Can CoolSculpting get rid of cellulite?

Perfect for Targeting Overall Fat Loss

CoolSculpting, one of the best treatments in the world that permanently shreds fats from stomach, thighs, waist and other problematic areas, through a scientific process called cryolipolysis.

This treatment has gained recognition all over the world, especially among celebs. The common term used for this procedure is CoolSculpting, which can provide visible results in just a few weeks. Our procedure is simple, CoolSculpting technology targets the stubborn fat and freezes the fat cells. Once the procedure is done, you can eventually shed 25 percent fat from the troubled area.

CoolSculpting is a powerful procedure and employs a variety of different tools to treat stubborn fat. There are various ways you can you freeze your fat and achieve your dream physique.

With the Advent of technology CoolSculpting also has different versions to treat different body areas. For example, smaller areas like the double chin, face fat, underarms can easily be treated by the mini sculpting. Continue to receive your treatment and you will see the results in just a few weeks.

Helps with Refined Body Sculpting

The unique, affordable and lifesaving CoolSculpting process and skin fixing treatment is saving a lot of patients from the struggle of exercising or breaking a sweat. Patients are thrilled all over the world and love the results. CoolSculpting effectively reduces fat from their bodies.

For refined body sculpting, numerous lasers work at one time and combust the fat cells, while treating the problem area simultaneously. This is completed in 3 easy steps. The first step fat cells are introduced to cold temperature beam from the laser and in the second stage, the laser helps in stimulating growth from the skin surface.

Best Treatment for Cellulite Removal

CoolSculpting is a tried and tested technique for the removal of cellulite. Our devices also use radio frequency to reduce fat cells and ‘push’ the existing collagen to the surface. Patients request this treatment for thighs and waist where the cellulite is ugly. Doctors suggest booking one session every four months but the patients are so satisfied with the results that they often book a session for every week.

Pros of CoolSculpting

No Surgery Required

The old liposuction technique depends on incisions to cut into the fat cells, making them highly intrusive. However, the CoolSculpting procedure only uses applicators or paddles as compared to the old-fashioned procedure.

At a certified cosmetic surgery clinic, the doctor presses the paddles against certain parts of the body. The cold temperature exerted from the paddles penetrate the fat cells and freezes them. There are no scars, no pain or cuts as the fat concedes to the cool temperature.

CoolSculpting is a Natural Procedure

Once the fat cell freeze, they can no longer work. The body considers these cells as waste, smoothly moving them through internal channels and eventually removing the cellulite permanently from the body.

The CoolSculpting process uses the body’s natural framework instead of extracting the fat from your body leaving scars. Since it’s a natural process, there is no recovery time and there are zero side effects too. Patients can return to their daily physical activities soon after the procedure.

It is also affordable. As compared to other treatments, CoolSculpting is one of the most affordable methods to get rid of cellulite. The entire cost of CoolSculpting will require less than what liposuction would cost you. Also, considering the fact that there is zero medicine or aftercare cost.

The Cons of CoolSculpting Treatments

While CoolSculpting can be beneficial for those seeking to look and feel beautiful without undergoing a surgery, there are certain factors to consider before choosing the procedure.

This treatment, however, might not be successful on people who are morbidly obese. It will be effective for people who are chubby and want to get rid of unwanted fat without making lifestyle changes.

Common Symptoms

There are side effects that you need to know before opting for CoolSculpting treatment.

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced sensation in the treated area

While these symptoms can be bothersome, they are transitory and won’t prevent you from carrying out your everyday tasks. This treatment has no side effects on the skin cells or the tissues since it does not cut through or penetrate the skin. It only massages and freezes the fat cells.

CoolSculpting Flanks – Before and After

Tired of trying to get rid of those flanks? Did you know that dieting and exercise are not the only two ways through which you can cut off those pesky pounds? No, the reference is not at liposuction or other such invasive processes. Rather, there are methods that allow you to lose the fat without going under the knife. Even if you have never thought of going ahead with the process, you must have heard of CoolSculpting.

The process is relatively new, but it is fast gaining a lot of popularity because many celebrities have endorsed its positive effects. Still not sure what CoolSculpting is? Here is all the information you need to decide whether this will be the method you chose for your flanks and other problem areas.

Understanding the Process of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting, also known as fat freezing is a process where select areas of fat are removed by freezing the fat cells and killing them off. The entire procedure can take anywhere from 35 to 75 minutes depending on what region of fat you want to get rid of. It is noninvasive and is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

An expert will first do a physical exam where they will check out your flank area and decide how many treatments you will need. They will then use a rod to freeze the fat from your flanks. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die. They leave the body through natural processes over the period of days to months. Most people can see results within 3-4 weeks. Again the amount of fat decides how many treatment sessions you need.

The best thing about CoolSculpting is that there is little to no risks involved. Yes, you may notice sore, red or even swollen skin, but these side effects mostly disappear within a few days. Those who have gone through with a CoolSculpting procedure report that it is like having a tingling sensation that is not at all unpleasant or uncomfortable. Some people have even stated that they could nap while getting the treatment done. You do not need any recovery time and can get back to daily chores the minute you are done with the fat freezing session.

As mentioned above, when you get CoolSculpting for flanks, you might feel slight soreness, redness or skin sensitivity but these symptoms disappear within a few days. Some patients have gone through itchiness, diarrhea or even feelings of fullness before the fat cells got removed from their body. Keep in mind that these side effects go away on their own and you need not take any preventive measures. If you feel that the symptoms persist, you can visit your doctor.

Why CoolSculpting for Flanks?

The answer is simple. CoolSculpting gives positive results within a short time. The reason people opt for CoolSculpting is the fact that the process involves no cutting, no anesthesia, and no pain. It is quick, simple and allows for an effective outcome.

What’s more, you won’t have to get CoolSculpting done and sit at home for two weeks to recover. You can rejoin work immediately after a session while the fat dissolves from your body. CoolSculpting is not just for flanks, but also for inner and outer thighs, under the chin, upper back region, hips, and floppy arms. Your expert treatment provider will design an individualized treatment perfect for your needs. You get to choose how many sessions you want and how much time you can spare.

It is a win-win situation with guaranteed results.

Are You a Prospective Candidate for CoolSculpting Your Muffin Tops?

Before going ahead with the process, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that yes CoolSculpting has helped hundreds of people achieve the curvy waist they so desire, but it was only possible when the muffin top was a few inches. If you are excessively obese or overweight, then CoolSculpting will not work for you. It is a trimming treatment that works best for a few extra pounds of fat. When you visit the expert, they will recommend a proper diet and exercise regime to get rid of overweight issues and then come back for a trimming session. Once you are at the desired weight, then you will be considered for CoolSculpting of flanks.

If you have some kind of serious medical condition, then you may not be a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting. You will need to see your physician and get an official recommendation before being allowed for CoolSculpting treatment.

Research and people who have had CoolSculpting done for the flank region have seen positive results within 8 weeks of getting the treatment done. Of course, you must meet an expert first, but you will definitely see a visible difference that allows you to flaunt your curves and hourglass figure. Good luck.

Things to Do and Not To Do After CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has proved to be one of the most effective and non-invasive treatments to get rid of excess fat from specific areas of your body. Unlike the other methods that require going under the knife – special mention to liposuction – CoolSculpting is a much safer and relatively new method of fat removal that directly attacks the fat cells and kills them.

Despite the safety, it is important to be aware of things to do and not to do after you have had a CoolSculpting session. Since fat freezing does not involve surgical methods, it is usually taken lightly, and people make mistakes, which reduces the benefits of CoolSculpting.

And even though you can return to your normal routine right after the procedure, it is important to be a little more cautious about your lifestyle to see better results.

Things to Do After CoolSculpting

It is important to note that CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss method. The idea is to help you remove fat on certain body areas that have more tendency to get bigger. However, if you do the following after CoolSculpting, you can achieve both weight loss and optimal overall health.

Implement Healthy Eating

Use CoolSculpting as a turning point for your lifestyle – and start with healthy eating.

It is a hint to pay attention to areas that could help you maintain your figure and ideal weight, and improving your current diet can surely help with that.

In addition to successful CoolSculpting sessions, eat the right food. Pay attention to what you eat and when and boost your progress. As you start witnessing the results of CoolSculpting on your body, make an effort to change your eating habits and lifestyle as a part of losing weight.

The best way is to eat 4-5 smaller meals during the day and include the following foods in your diet:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole foods
  • Protein
  • Whole grains

Also, try to cut down on processed meat, frozen dinners, unhealthy snacks, and sugar as much as you can.

Implement Active Lifestyle

Add ‘exercise’ as one of the most important things in your things-to-do-after-CoolSculpting list. This is the most effective way to maintain the effects of the treatment in the long-run. The regular workout doesn’t only make you more active but also helps you lose more weight.

Design a plan as per your need and preference around cardio, strength training, and flexibility training.

Create a Positive Momentum

As mentioned earlier, CoolSculpting can have a positive impact not only on your body but also your motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight and CoolSculpting results.

Use your success and to create a healthy momentum and change your lifestyle for the better. In addition to eating healthy and exercising regularly, set a goal for a new you and make one change a day to achieve that goal.

Take Pictures

One of the most effective ways to stay on track is to take your before and after pictures and compare them. Do this as a regular activity not only before and after the CoolSculpting treatment but even in the months to follow.

Pictures can help you determine the difference in your body that may not be too visible at first. The way your overall size and shape changes will be more prominent when you have pictures to compare. And since you will continue to take pictures as you go, you will be more cautious about your lifestyle and do everything you can to maintain the way your body appears after the treatment.

Things Not To Do After CoolSculpting

Having an impractical approach towards the treatment can be a major turnoff and keep you from realizing the real benefits of CoolSculpting. To make sure that doesn’t happen with you, avoid doing the following as you wait for your results:

Don’t Be Impatient

Professionals will guide you how the results of CoolSculpting can take up to three months to become visible. This can be a long time to wait, due to which, most people become impatient and start believing that the procedure never worked.

This also tends to discourage you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the results are actually ruined before you even achieve them. So be patient.

CoolSculpting Is Not Enough

To reach a certain weight loss goal and maintain the body of your dreams, you cannot completely rely on CoolSculpting. It is not a method for weight loss. That’s pretty much in your own hands.

Do not load up on your favorite snacks while waiting for the results. This time is to work harder on your lifestyle and diet to see even better results.

Compare Results with Others

Do not compare your results with other people. The fat freezing procedure works differently from person to person, and therefore, the results may vary. Don’t worry if your results aren’t as instant as someone you know had the treatment. With the right approach, you too shall have it!

So if you want to get rid of the unwanted fat and experiencing long-lasting results with CoolSculpting, make sure you keep up with the dos and don’ts lists above!

UltraShape vs. CoolSculpting – Which Is Best?

Failed to get rid of those extra pounds? Is your fitness routine not giving the desired results? The thing is weight loss is quick during the first few weeks of starting a new diet/exercise. Water weight is off within no time and fat disappears well. But then comes a point where a plateau occurs and the inches you so desperately want to reduce become stuck. What happens now? What is the solution for this?

This is where other methods to get your dream body come into the picture. This includes innovative methods for body contouring and fat freezing. Have you ever heard of CoolSculpting and UltraShape? If not, then these are exactly the two things you could think about.

Here is all the information you need about UltraShape and CoolSculpting and which one is the best for your body.

Non-Invasive Body Procedures

UltraShape and CoolSculpting are non-invasive procedures that do not require any surgical treatment. Both help with fat reduction. However, the major difference between the two is that UltraShape reduces fat through ultrasound, while CoolSculpting does so through the fat freezing. The question is, should you go for CoolSculpting or UltraShape? Before opting for any, you should know everything about the two treatments.


An FDA cleared fat reducing system, UltraShape works by using the ultrasound technique to target fat. The ultrasound rays only focus on the fat cells of the select area without damaging surrounding cells. That’s right. No nerve, tissue or muscle is damaged in the process. The best thing about UltraShape is that the process is absolutely painless.

There is no redness, bumps, bruising, or even soreness in the treated area. This means there is little to zero post process care. The person who goes ahead with the treatment can resume normal activities, i.e., get back to the daily routine from the minute they are through with the procedure. UltraShape is not for just a select area like the abdomen, the inner thighs or the neck region. Rather, the treatment is customized and personalized as per the needs of the patient. This way you can get rid of fat in any part of your body where you want inches to reduce.

Anyone who wants to get UltraShape would need to have at least two to three sessions before noticing any visible results. For most people, results after the complete treatment take 2-3 weeks. People who have a body mass index of 30 or less are the ones who can get UltraShape done. The entire procedure of one sitting takes about an hour to complete.

Keep in mind that only when you meet an expert would they be able to tell you whether the process is workable for your needs or not. So before deciding, read on about CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting is another fat reduction process that allows you to get rid of the pesky pounds that refuse to go away through diet and exercise. It is the only FDA-approved fat freezing process that is non-invasive. It uses the process of targeting and freezing fat cells of a select region and then having them disposed of the body. More than 80% of users approve its use as they see definite results that are permanent. A patient can view the results within 3 weeks of the procedure.

CoolSculpting is done through the use of an applicator that freezes fat cells in the problem area. These areas include the abdomen and waist region, inner and upper thighs, excess fat on the arms, fat on the back and neck region. The greatest thing about CoolSculpting is that it is not an easy process but also one that causes no pain. Some patients recount a tingling sensation but most state that the process is so comfortable that they can sleep through it.

Depending on where you get CoolSculpting done, the treatment takes somewhere from 35 minutes to 75 minutes. Again as per the needs of fat reduction, you may need more than one treatment session. Studies have shown that fat freezing can easily garner about 20-25% fat reduction in the treated area. The fat cells that are frozen die and never return.


So what should you do? Which process is better? As per the endorsement of celebrities and people who have already gone through the experience of fat reduction, CoolSculpting is more effective. Many actresses and actors like Jennifer Aniston, Khloe Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Lindsay Lohan all admit that they have gone through CoolSculpting and it has helped them achieve the waist or thighs they wished for.

Ultimately you can only be sure of a process when you research it well and meet with an expert. They will tell you which process will work for you and if it will be effective. Good luck!

CoolSculpting for Saddlebags – What It is

The hate for the saddlebags is legit.  No one likes those bulges around the bottom half of the body; buttocks, thighs, and hips to be specific. And the worst part is that no matter how much you exercise or how much you diet, it is just tough to slim down those areas. CoolSculpting, however, is one thing which has proved itself as the mighty savior. Nothing can help you get rid of the saddlebags as effectively as CoolSculpting does.

Well, so what is CoolSculpting?  As said above, it is a godsend. It is an amazing technology which has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. To put it simply, it is a fat freezing treatment that helps eliminate fat for good.  It is important to note that upon applicator contact, the person may encounter a slight discomfort and might end up feeling a cooling sensation during the procedure.

   How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Nothing works overnight. Similarly, following the treatment, the results won’t be felt right away. However, a noticeable difference is guaranteed in a span of a few weeks.

Speaking of this, a person might have to undergo a few more sessions for the full effect.

Now that we are talking about it, let’s discuss some benefits which come with handling the saddlebags through CoolSculpting.

To begin with, you do not have to worry about any preparation. You do not have to fast beforehand or prepare the said area surgically, to be specific. It is a walk-in treatment for you.

Besides this, you do not have to stress about any downtown period post the treatment. It gives you the liberty to go through with the rest of the day with no hanging issues at all. This is why we hold CoolSculpting synonymous to a magic treatment!

Most importantly, there is no need to go to a hospital, unlike other cosmetic procedures. There is absolutely no need for cuts and incisions. All you need to do is get to your local dermatologist and get the treatment done right in the office.

They say no pain, no gain. But, thankfully, it does not apply here. The procedure is everything but pain-free and that is the best part about it. You’d only feel slightly cold when the applicator touches your skin in addition to the ‘sucking’ sensations. Otherwise, there is no needle, no anesthesia, or no sedation required. In fact, a client is often seen with a book that they could enjoy during the treatment or prefer to nap during it.

Furthermore, there is no risk of any bump or skin dimpling as the fat cells are destroyed quite evenly across the skin. Also, the result is somewhat permanent as the risk of regaining the weight is extremely low. This is because the fat cells are actually fully destroyed and later removed from the body naturally. The only possible side effect one may encounter is itching a few days after the procedure.

   CoolSculpting Saddlebags

CoolSculpting on saddlebags works through a combination of two applicators alongside traditional technique. On the outer thigh, the doctor would use an applicator called CoolSmooth.  It is used as it has a flat shape and something with a shape too curved could not fully treat the area. Moreover, it is ideal for ‘fat’ areas that cannot be pinched. For inner thighs, it is CoolFit which does the job. This applicator comes with longer cooling plates so that a larger area gets treated effectively.

Traditional CoolSculpting works best for areas like lower belly owing to its wide, two-sided panel shape. But it does not sit well on outer and inner thighs as there is no soft tissue to work with like on lower belly.

It is imperative to know that CoolSculpting only eliminates fat cells. And it is absolutely no solution to obesity. To be precise, the treatment is only meant to eradicate the bulges by eliminating the stubborn cells which a diet or exercise only manages to shrink.

Also, before undergoing such a treatment, be aware that following are a few conditions which do not favor CoolSculpting.

  • Pregnancy, Trying To Become Pregnant, and Breast-Feeding
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Cold Agglutinin Disease
  • Raynaud’s Disease
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Inflammatory Skin Conditions, Such As Dermatitis And Hives
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Anxiety disorders

In a nutshell, CoolSculpting, is the best solution out there for it is non-invasive and non-surgical and fruitful. Above all, the results look natural as they develop later in the following weeks after the treatment sessions.

We advise you to ask questions you might have about the procedure. A little research, in the long run, will only prove to be beneficial for you and your body.

What to Expect After CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is one of the few reliable treatments designed to get rid of unwanted fat. One of the best things about this procedure is that you will not have to worry about surgery. When compared to surgical procedures like liposuction, you will not have much of a downtime considering how CoolSculpting does not require stitches or incisions.

If you are considering CoolSculpting, you may be worried about what comes after the procedure. You may have questions like how will you feel after the procedure? How long before you see results? To get answers to all your questions about what to expect after this innovative procedure, read on.

Immediate Effects

As soon as you are done with the procedure, you will notice, what most patient’s call a ‘stick of butter’ in the treated area. Basically, that targeted area has frozen fat. You may be worried, but it will be dealt with by the team responsible for treating you. They will massage that area until the frozen cells disperse.

After the procedure, there are some that wish to take it easy, while there are those that carry on with their daily activities as if nothing happened. But how active you are, depends on your personal preferences and temperament.

When it comes to discomfort and pain, it also depends on your temperament. Some people don’t have any discomfort at all while others describe the pain as being excruciating. If you are in pain, then you will be prescribed over-the-counter medication so that you can go about your life.

After CoolSculpting

You will most likely see the results of the procedure take form after 2-3 weeks. How soon you see results depend on a couple of factors. In some cases, the results present themselves as soon as your body gets rid of dead fat cells. It is worth noting you will need to be patient after the procedure as it takes time before you will see a considerable change.

If you think the procedure did not work out for you, think again. To assess how far you have come, take pictures. After some time, it may seem that the treatment has stopped working, but it has not. By taking pictures frequently, you can compare them to see the changes that take place.

Whether you see quick results or notice a change 16 weeks after CoolSculpting, any side effects arising from the procedure will fade over a few weeks. If you have bruising, itching or swelling, it will disappear during this time.

The Following Months after CoolSculpting

Two months after CoolSculpting, you should get back to your provider to evaluate whether a second treatment would be needed in the area targeted before. CoolSculpting removes up to 25% of fat in an area, and the number of treatments can vary depending on your metabolism and body type.

The good news is that most people get the results they want after the first treatment, but it is not unusual for people to look into getting another treatment.

Tips to Stay in Shape after CoolSculpting

It goes without saying the results after the CoolSculpting treatment will be permanent. The fat destroyed due to the treatment may be gone forever, but that does not mean you go about doing what you did before. You cannot continue to eat junk food, nor can you expect to maintain your figure if you don’t exercise. If your weight increases, the fat cells can get bigger, so pay close attention to what you are putting in your body and how much you exercise every day.

CoolSculpting isn’t exactly a procedure for weight loss, so don’t expect to shed a considerable amount of weight. But what this treatment can do for you is to serve as a stepping stone for a healthier lifestyle. If you adopt healthier habits during this time, you will get rid of unwanted fat from your body in no time. To maintain results, the least you can do is eat right.


CoolSculpting may seem frightening at first, but the treatment is one of the most effective ones out there to get rid of stubborn fat from your body. Of course, you will need to target a specific area at a time, but it is worth your time and money.

The treatment option is viable for people that find it difficult to get rid of fat, no matter how much they exercise or fix their eating habits. Not only does it not have any major side effects, but it can help people who do not feel good about the way they look to be confident like never before.

CoolSculpting may seem too good to be true, but the treatment promises long-lasting results. If you are still not sure about what you are getting yourself into, take into account how some of the most prominent celebrities endorse the procedure. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, and Khloe Kardashian are known for relying on CoolSculpting to get rid of fat from those tricky areas.



How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Will You Need for a Dream Body

Forget fad diets and fitness regimes. There is a cooler way to a hotter body. We are not just saying it for the sake of dramatic effect – it is true.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that freezes your fat to death. Popular since 2010, CoolSculpting is one of the most effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment approved by the regulatory body. It is based on the cryolipolysis, a fat freezing procedure used for minor spot treatment. Today, it is a competitive alternative to the infamous invasive fat removal methods such as liposuction. While CoolSculpting is now approved for larger areas, there are limitations, such as the amount of fat that can be reduced in one session. That means not everyone requires the same number of treatments to acquire the desired results.

The question is how many CoolSculpting treatments will get you closer to your body goals?

The answer depends on many factors including your specific body goals and how far you stand from them. Let’s break the factors down and find out how many CoolSculpting treatments you will need.

How Many Problem Areas Do You Need to Be Treated?

Everyone has problem areas difficult to tone. Even if you exercise regularly and eat properly, there is a bulge that just wouldn’t budge. That is your problem area.

It is normal to have more than one problem areas. Naturally, the number of sessions increases with the number of problem areas that need treatment. Most practitioners only treat one area at a time because it is safer to do it this way. However, if you need treatment for multiple smaller areas such as chin and arm, a practitioner might treat both in one session.

For more than one treatment at a time, also known as DualSculpting, multiple applicators and practitioners are required. Keep in mind that there are different CoolSculpting applicators designed for different areas. Yet, most practices do not have multiple applicators or trained professionals to administer DualSculpting.

With that said, it must be noted that the availability of multiple applicators and practitioners doesn’t always mean your treatment will be shorter. The amount of fat you have around your problem area also matters to a great extent.

How Much Fat Do You Need to Lose?

CoolSculpting targets the subcutaneous fat i.e. the layer of fat present right under the skin. It does not target the deeper levels of fat like the layer present around the organs. This is why CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution but a fat reduction treatment. It is generally recommended to people close to their ideal weight but cannot get into the right shape. If you have more than 20 to 30 pounds to lose, you might not see any dramatic improvement in your appearance.

The closer you are to your ideal weight, the lower the number of treatments you will need. Here it helps to remember that one CoolSculpting treatment can safely get rid of around 20 to 25 percent of fat. You can lose up to 80 percent of fat with multiple treatments.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Each Area Needs?

It is scientifically proven that body fat might be more stubborn in one area than others. It might take longer to freeze those stubborn fat cells during the CoolSculpting session, and it may also alter the time needed to ‘notice’ the results.

As of now, the CoolSculpting procedure is only approved for certain areas. The average duration of the session and the treatment for each area is different. Below, we summarize the CoolSculpting treatment for six areas the FDA has approved.


Upper arms fat may be too tough for exercise, but you can eliminate it with CoolSculpting. It requires two to three session per arm, and each session can last for around half an hour for one arm.



Outer thigh fat is stubborn and an average session can last from thirty minutes to two hours for a leg. Depending on the amount of fat, you might require three or more treatments.



Thankfully, inner thigh fat is not that bad for most people but a wider gap is always desirable. Many patients can expect results in just one treatment that can last for thirty-five minutes for one leg.



Also called muffin top or love handles, flanks may keep you from your ideal body shape. One side might take around one half-hour long CoolSculpting session for most people.



Abdomen fat is the trickiest, the most stubborn one to lose. Since the area is relatively larger, it may require longer session even with a large applicator. The time of treatment varies from patient to patient. Many patients prefer multiple small sessions instead of one long session.



If fat around your chin area is your major issue, CoolSculpting is the most effective alternative to invasive surgeries. There is a specific applicator created for the curvature of chin and neck. A majority of patients do not require more than two sessions.


How Does your Body Respond to CoolSculpting?

One of the most important factors that affect the number of treatments is the way your body responds to the procedure. It is observed that response to CoolSculpting varies from person to person. Some people see drastic results within a few days of their first session while others have to wait through multiple treatments and several months.

It makes complete sense since CoolSculpting is essentially a procedure that relies on our body’s ability to break down and get rid of the dead fat cells. Everyone has a different rate at which their body get rids of those frozen fat cells for good. Genetics has a role to play here, but you can improve your chances with a healthier diet and a better lifestyle.

All factors considered, it is best to wait for around four months before you go for one more treatment. It is a non-invasive procedure that works gradually. While you will see results within a week, your body can take around four months to flush the frozen fat cells. If you think you aren’t exactly where you want, you can safely consider another round of CoolSculpting treatment.

A Smart Start Warrants Better Results

If you are considering CoolSculpting to get the body you have always dreamt of, start by finding the right practice in your area. CoolSculpting at Body By is Richmond’s leading weight management clinic that has set new standards in CoolSculpting. It is a well-equipped modern weight management facility operated by an experienced team of professionals.

Combining the best of CoolSculpting technology with exceptional professional expertise, Dr. James March and his team start the treatment with a personalized plan. This approach allows them to efficiently target the specific problem areas of every individual and deliver quicker and better results. They help their patients sustain the results of CoolSculpting treatment with a personalized weight management plan. Call 1.800.317.2142 for consultation.