CoolSculpting: Fat Reduction That Really Works




The concept of CoolSculpting works on a pretty simple premise. Cold temperatures are used to get rid of unseemly bulges from the stubborn and hard to reach spots on your body. Especially the ones that seem impervious to all of your strenuous diet and exercise efforts.

This technique was first approved by the FDA way back in 2010. However, it quickly rose to the fore and gained a lot of attention. In fact, it was effectively re-branded from being a minor spot treatment on the fringes of cosmetic sciences, all the way towards being an absolutely revolutionary non-invasive alternative to various other forms of fat reduction, such as liposuction, for instance.

CoolSculpting basically promises to effectively remove all the bra bulges as well as love handles with a simple wave of a cooling paddle operated by a qualified expert in this field. This non-surgical fat reduction tool has also been cleared by the medical authorities to remove a double chin. Apart from that, it can also work in comparatively smaller areas that are far more difficult to alter, through any natural means such as diet and exercise.

How does CoolSculpting actually work?

CoolSculpting involves ‘cryolipolysis’ or exposing the fat to freezing temperatures.

A 2009 study did take a close look at the clinical efficacy of this procedure. The results show that cryolipolysis was able to substantially reduce the treated fat layers to a remarkable degree. In fact, sometimes fat layers were decreased by approximately 25 percent or so.

But perhaps, what was of far more importance was the fact that the results of this treatment were actually still present, even half a year after the procedure had taken place. As a matter of fact, the dead and frozen fat cells were actually excreted out of the human body via a normal liver function, within a few weeks of treatment. They went on to reveal impressive results that showcased a fairly high amount of fat loss within an estimated three months or so.

As a general rule many, if not most people who opt for CoolSculpting opt to treat several parts of the body, simultaneously, which include the following:

  • Sides
  • Thighs
  • Lower back and
  • Belly

Apart from that, this treatment can also effectively reduce cellulite on the buttocks, legs, and arms. You can also use it to reduce fat underneath the chin.

It takes approximately an hour or so to treat each specifically targeted part of the human body. Larger body parts will require far more treatments than their smaller counterparts.

Who is this Treatment Really For?

CoolSculpting is deemed to be ideal for all those people who are actually looking for simple and mild improvements on specific parts of their body. It is important to understand that this treatment is not really designed for massive fat reduction treatments such as the ‘one stop shop’ large-scale fat removal treatments that include liposuction and similar procedures.

This is why you have to remember that theCoolSculpting treatment procedure’ is not really for just about everyone. In fact, you should not mistake it for obesity treatment at all. The technique is deemed appropriate for removing small amounts of extra fat that is more resistant to various other weight loss attempts, such as healthy diet and exercise.

As a Rule, How Long Do Results From This Treatment Really Last?

Unlike many other treatments, CoolSculpting results tend to last more or less indefinitely. This is due to the fact that once this treatment kills off all those troublesome fat cells, they will not come back.  However, this is not a license to go off your diet and exercise regimen and start living on cookies and cakes once again. If you were to do that, the odds are that you will quickly regain the lost fat once again. What’s worse is that your body will store stubborn fat.

Is this Procedure Really Worth it in the Long Run?

Yes, CoolSculpting is actually pretty effective, provided the treatments have been conducted by a well trained and experienced doctor. There is an element of proper planning involved and lastly, the person receiving the treatment has to be patient enough to have several sessions to be able to maximize the results to the optimum.

The advantages this treatment has over the other more traditional fat removal procedures include the following:

  • Requires no recovery time
  • It is nonsurgical
  • It is noninvasive

As a matter of fact, this is such an easy treatment that it is actually possible for you to drive back home by yourself once you are done and moreover, you can also return to your regular activities right away.

If you are in the market for a noninvasive fat reduction treatment, then CoolSculpting is just the thing for you.


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