How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Will You Need for a Dream Body




Forget fad diets and fitness regimes. There is a cooler way to a hotter body. We are not just saying it for the sake of dramatic effect – it is true.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that freezes your fat to death. Popular since 2010, CoolSculpting is one of the most effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment approved by the regulatory body. It is based on the cryolipolysis, a fat freezing procedure used for minor spot treatment. Today, it is a competitive alternative to the infamous invasive fat removal methods such as liposuction. While CoolSculpting is now approved for larger areas, there are limitations, such as the amount of fat that can be reduced in one session. That means not everyone requires the same number of treatments to acquire the desired results.

The question is how many CoolSculpting treatments will get you closer to your body goals?

The answer depends on many factors including your specific body goals and how far you stand from them. Let’s break the factors down and find out how many CoolSculpting treatments you will need.

How Many Problem Areas Do You Need to Be Treated?

Everyone has problem areas difficult to tone. Even if you exercise regularly and eat properly, there is a bulge that just wouldn’t budge. That is your problem area.

It is normal to have more than one problem areas. Naturally, the number of sessions increases with the number of problem areas that need treatment. Most practitioners only treat one area at a time because it is safer to do it this way. However, if you need treatment for multiple smaller areas such as chin and arm, a practitioner might treat both in one session.

For more than one treatment at a time, also known as DualSculpting, multiple applicators and practitioners are required. Keep in mind that there are different CoolSculpting applicators designed for different areas. Yet, most practices do not have multiple applicators or trained professionals to administer DualSculpting.

With that said, it must be noted that the availability of multiple applicators and practitioners doesn’t always mean your treatment will be shorter. The amount of fat you have around your problem area also matters to a great extent.

How Much Fat Do You Need to Lose?

CoolSculpting targets the subcutaneous fat i.e. the layer of fat present right under the skin. It does not target the deeper levels of fat like the layer present around the organs. This is why CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution but a fat reduction treatment. It is generally recommended to people close to their ideal weight but cannot get into the right shape. If you have more than 20 to 30 pounds to lose, you might not see any dramatic improvement in your appearance.

The closer you are to your ideal weight, the lower the number of treatments you will need. Here it helps to remember that one CoolSculpting treatment can safely get rid of around 20 to 25 percent of fat. You can lose up to 80 percent of fat with multiple treatments.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Each Area Needs?

It is scientifically proven that body fat might be more stubborn in one area than others. It might take longer to freeze those stubborn fat cells during the CoolSculpting session, and it may also alter the time needed to ‘notice’ the results.

As of now, the CoolSculpting procedure is only approved for certain areas. The average duration of the session and the treatment for each area is different. Below, we summarize the CoolSculpting treatment for six areas the FDA has approved.


Upper arms fat may be too tough for exercise, but you can eliminate it with CoolSculpting. It requires two to three session per arm, and each session can last for around half an hour for one arm.



Outer thigh fat is stubborn and an average session can last from thirty minutes to two hours for a leg. Depending on the amount of fat, you might require three or more treatments.



Thankfully, inner thigh fat is not that bad for most people but a wider gap is always desirable. Many patients can expect results in just one treatment that can last for thirty-five minutes for one leg.



Also called muffin top or love handles, flanks may keep you from your ideal body shape. One side might take around one half-hour long CoolSculpting session for most people.



Abdomen fat is the trickiest, the most stubborn one to lose. Since the area is relatively larger, it may require longer session even with a large applicator. The time of treatment varies from patient to patient. Many patients prefer multiple small sessions instead of one long session.



If fat around your chin area is your major issue, CoolSculpting is the most effective alternative to invasive surgeries. There is a specific applicator created for the curvature of chin and neck. A majority of patients do not require more than two sessions.


How Does your Body Respond to CoolSculpting?

One of the most important factors that affect the number of treatments is the way your body responds to the procedure. It is observed that response to CoolSculpting varies from person to person. Some people see drastic results within a few days of their first session while others have to wait through multiple treatments and several months.

It makes complete sense since CoolSculpting is essentially a procedure that relies on our body’s ability to break down and get rid of the dead fat cells. Everyone has a different rate at which their body get rids of those frozen fat cells for good. Genetics has a role to play here, but you can improve your chances with a healthier diet and a better lifestyle.

All factors considered, it is best to wait for around four months before you go for one more treatment. It is a non-invasive procedure that works gradually. While you will see results within a week, your body can take around four months to flush the frozen fat cells. If you think you aren’t exactly where you want, you can safely consider another round of CoolSculpting treatment.

A Smart Start Warrants Better Results

If you are considering CoolSculpting to get the body you have always dreamt of, start by finding the right practice in your area. CoolSculpting at Body By is Richmond’s leading weight management clinic that has set new standards in CoolSculpting. It is a well-equipped modern weight management facility operated by an experienced team of professionals.

Combining the best of CoolSculpting technology with exceptional professional expertise, Dr. James March and his team start the treatment with a personalized plan. This approach allows them to efficiently target the specific problem areas of every individual and deliver quicker and better results. They help their patients sustain the results of CoolSculpting treatment with a personalized weight management plan. Call 1.800.317.2142 for consultation.


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