Does Coolsculpting Work On Belly Fat?




Many people think that the extra fat on people’s bodies is just something that affects their vanity but in reality, those pounds of extra fat are impacting their body in a very harmful way. Obesity is one of the most harmful epidemics affecting people in America and it is a disease that targets everyone from the young to the old. People often think that the solution to stop getting fat is to simply stop eating but that is not the case. The road to obesity is a very slippery slope, one that is filled with psychological as well as physical options. Once people have gained a certain amount of weight, it becomes very hard for them to lose that weight in a time and manner that they desire. That is where medicine comes in. From methods like coolsculpting to liposuction, medicine has come a long way in making sure that people do not have to live with the burden of excessive weight forever. These methods ensure that people do not have to go to extreme lengths in order to get fitter.

What is Coolsculpting?

Say goodbye to liposuctions and other painful treatments as coolscuplting is the new way to get rid of all your excess fat. While the end goal of both procedures is the same, to remove fat, it is in execution that these both differ. Coolsculpting is a noninvasive fat reducing procedure. The purpose of this is to eliminate spots of fat that are stubborn and refuse to go away with diet and exercise. The official name of this procedure is cryolipolysis but it is more popularly known as coolsculpting. The methodology behind this procedure is that your body is subjected to a procedure in which your fat cells are frozen which eventually leads to their death and thus their elimination. Obviously, you can achieve a fitter body through a rigorous regime of diet and exercise but sometimes you just want more instant results and that is where coolscuplting comes in.

How does cool sculpting work?

The procedure is fairly simple. An applicator is attached to the area that has the excess fat that needs to be disposed of. The applicator is designed like a giant vacuum hose that attaches firmly to the problem area. Once the applicator is firmly attached due to applied suction, then cooling plates are applied to the problem area through the suction. The function of these plates is to bring down the temperature of the fat cells. The temperature is brought down to a level where it is impossible for the fat cells to function and thus they eventually die. The whole procedure takes a meager thirty-five minutes and you can be up and running to your usual tasks once you are done with it. However, you can’t expect to see instant results with this method as the killing and elimination of cells is a process and takes time. People can expect to see the results of this procedure within a few weeks and witness the final transformation in three months.

Does it work on belly fat?

One of the most frequent problem areas where people would like to eliminate fat from is the abdomen. Good news is that this FDA approved treatment works on belly fat too. One of the main benefits of using this method to get fitter is that it uses minimally invasive techniques in order to get rid of excess fat. While liposuction may produce more instant results, do you really want to put your body through so much pain and open up the potential for so many things to go wrong when there is an easier alternative available? Even if we put the more well-known effects of cutting open your body to remove fat aside, there are also so many other things that could go wrong when you are subjected to general anesthesia. In comparison, coolsculpting is so much safer as you are not required to go under the knife for it. Secondly, it removes your belly fat in a way which gives you more natural looking results. Your fat is gone but it’s gone in a way that the natural contours of your body are still intact. And lastly, the results of this form of fat removal last a long time when coupled with a good diet and a well-planned fitness regime.

As with all procedures you need to make sure that you are getting the procedure done from a verified and licensed professional who is using the original machinery to execute this. Loving your body is all about being at a place where you feel comfortable to look the way you want to. If your idea of your perfect image is you with lesser fat, then don’t be afraid to work towards that goal despite what anyone says.


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