How Effective is CoolSculpting?




CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a medical process that helps remove excess fat cells under your skin. It is a noninvasive and nonsurgical procedure. Both men and women can use this process. A smart investment in getting rid of the stubborn weight that refuses to leave through any other method.


This procedure uses freezing temperature on the parts of your body you are being treated to kill the fat cells. This is done by placing cooling panels between a roll of fat. Within a few weeks of treatment, the dead fat cells are broken down naturally and flushed out of your system through the liver. It is comparatively a more comfortable weight loss option. You can use CoolSmooth Pro for getting a treatment that warms up your targeted area and then works on it by freezing it.

 An Effective Method for Weight Loss

This process is for people who are considering having small changes in their body. CoolSculpting does not offer massive changes as liposuction does. Its effectiveness also depends on how thick their tissue is. If it is too thick, then the results will not be drastic. In normal cases, you are likely to see up to 25 percent fat reduction in the targeted area. People often wonder whether this is a permanent weight loss method. The answer to that is, it only becomes permanent if you are ready to sustain it. This means that what you eat and how much work out you do, plays an important role in enjoying the results. So changing your habits is necessary. What really makes CoolSculpting irresistible is its noninvasive procedure. The risks are there, but they are nothing in comparison to other methods. There are no chances of wounds and swelling is not a major problem as well. Therefore, it is an effective method if you have all the information. It is a safe procedure if you are thinking to do it.


Like any other thing, this process is not free of risks. While CoolSculpting is intriguing enough to try it, one should be aware of the drawbacks. Parties should keep in mind a number of risks and side effects that are likely to happen. Firstly, there is this pulling sensation. This means when the cooling panels are placed on the area of treatment there is an uncomfortable pulling or tugging sensation that you will have to endure for up to an hour or two, as that is generally, how long the process usually is. It is nothing too harsh but it can seem a bit uncomfortable at first. Secondly, you are likely to experience post-treatment pain. After the procedure, the treatment site may pain or sting for a while. This is most likely due to the intense temperature the skin and tissue are exposed to. This pain, however, will go away on its own in a span of three to twelve days. Thirdly, common side effects of CoolSculpting include redness, swelling, brushing or sensitive skin. This is once again, due to the exposure of such intense temperatures. The treatment affects the skin very similarly to frostbite. However, it targets the fat cells underneath the skin so that is one major difference. Having said that, it should be noted that CoolSculpting will not give you frostbite. It is a safe procedure. Fourthly, this a rather rare but serious side effect of CoolSculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This is when the fat cells grow larger instead of smaller during the treatment. It is not physically dangerous rather cosmetically and it is more likely to occur in men. Lastly, people with paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria, cold agglutinin disease, and cryoglobulinemia should not do CoolSculpting as it can cause serious complications for them. However, it is always wise whether you have these conditions to seek out advice from a cosmetic surgeon before going through with the procedure, as it is important to know whether you are a suitable candidate for this process. Try the provided remedies if any of the things mentioned above happen.

Overall, CoolSculpting is a permanent non-scarring process, due to its non-surgical nature. It eliminates fat cells and does not require any pretests or recovery time. With results showing as soon as a few weeks after the procedure, it is definitely an efficient process if you are considering to take one step ahead investing in your health. Consult your doctor and let them know about any issues that your body faces, so they can tell you if there are, any risks that you should be wary of because anything that changes the way you look is worth investigating about. It is for sure an effective method for weight loss but it is not for everyone.


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