How Much Weight can you Lose with Coolsculpting




Everybody wants to get rid of fat. But to take advantage of human’s desperation, all kinds of fat reduction methods have become available. Most of these methods aren’t effective, while some are even harmful. With some procedures, fat comes back after a while, and that fat never leaves. All of this has created a confusing situation for people who want to lose fat. Since all the fat losing procedures cost a lot of money, it is justifiable that people want to know for sure if a procedure is going to work or not. One fat loss procedure that has become quite famous in the past couple of decades is that of Coolsculpting.

 What is Coolsculpting?                

Coolsculpting is an FDA approved non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. Coolsculpting is what the celebrities of today prefer over liposuction as it has almost zero side effects. The non-invasive aspect means that you get no scars and no post-surgery precautions. Coolsculpting is quickly becoming the best fat reduction process throughout the world due to its high success rates.

 How does it work?

You may have heard the name of Coolsculpting a hundred times but without actually finding out that how does it work. Before you buy a machine or even a recipe mix, you read the label to find out how you can use it to get the desired results. So if you are going to spend your money on Coolsculpting, it is only fair that you would want to understand how the process of fat freezing works.

A Coolsculpting applicator is used during the process of fat freezing. The fat cells underneath the skin are targeted with controlled cooling. The procedure turns the fat cells into crystals. These crystals die over time. The body then processes these crystals and eliminates them. The dead cells are removed from the body for good. So Coolsculpting eliminates fat cells permanently.

 Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss:        

Most people confuse fat loss with weight loss without realizing that there is a difference between the two. There is a fixed number of fat cells in our body, and when we gain weight, the size of the fat cells become larger. That means the existing fat cells start occupying more space in our body. When we lose weight with the help of exercise and diet, the size of the fat cells become smaller. As a result, our body gets in shape. So weight loss and fat loss are not the same things. When you lose weight, you do not lose fat cells. But when you get fat cells eliminated from your body, you lose weight. The amount of weight you lose will not be equal to the number of fat cells that got removed from your body.

 How Much Weight Can You Lose with Coolsculpting?           

Some people are obsessed with weight because they don’t understand how fat cells work. They want to try those methods that can help you lose weight. But they need to understand that weight once lost can come back but if you get rid of fat cells, they won’t come back.

Coolsculpting eliminates fat cells from specific areas of your body. It will remove fat from the areas where exercise didn’t show its effects. The initial weight loss with Coolsculpting will not be more than a few pounds. But once the dead fat cells start leaving your body, you will notice the pounds dropping.

The amount of weight loss by Coolsculpting will depend on the area you are targeting. If you are targeting an area that doesn’t have much fat, but you only want it in shape, then you won’t lose much weight. By targeting large fat deposits like in the belly or thighs and love handles, you will have a higher chance of losing weight.

If you think that Coolsculpting can’t treat the excess belly fat that you have then that’s because you haven’t heard of Coolmax™.  Coolmax™ is an applicator that is designed explicitly for targeting belly fat. It can work on both the lower and upper abdomen without leaving any side effect. It is ideal for those who don’t know what to do with the stubborn fat on their belly.

If your waist is the body part that has been making you ashamed, then it is time to bring it in shape. With Coolcurve Advantage Plus™, those stubborn love handles will be gone like they were never there. This applicator can help you get a well-defined waist in just thirty minutes. These applicators are completely harmless and can be used again and again if a second and third session is required.

So if you are looking for safe ways to lose weight, Coolsculpting should be your choice because it helps you get rid of fat and drop some pounds in a gradual process and promises permanent results.


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