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CoolSculpting – Finance It with Mariner Finance

Do you want to get a CoolSculpting procedure done but are worried about money?


We are here to lay all your fears to rest, so you can enjoy a slimmer, sexier you without having to worry about how you’ll finance the procedure. We’ve partnered up with Mariner Finance, to bring you one-of-a-kind personal loan solutions to pay for your immediate beauty needs as well as long-term fitness goals. These unique personal goals can be availed at a fixed rate, to be paid back over a fixed period of time. Don’t have a great credit history? It’s okay, Mariner Finance can also offer loans secured by a co-signor or an asset.


We realize that procedures such as CoolSculpting aren’t just for vanity purposes. Oftentimes a person’s well-being and self-confidence weigh on them feeling and looking good. That’s why we get to know each one of you personally and provide financing resources with our partners, to help you feel your best about your body.

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